Faith in the City of London      by Niki Gorick
Faith in the City of London      by Niki Gorick
Faith in the City of London      by Niki Gorick
Faith in the City of London      by Niki Gorick
Faith in the City of London      by Niki Gorick
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Faith in the City of London by Niki Gorick

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• An insight into a side of the City of London not dominated by money-making.
• A book that dispels many preconceptions about The City as a godless place.
• Images showing the unique interaction of faith and commerce within The Square Mile.
• Photographs that show how ancient City churches make ends meet in contemporary London.

About the Book
The mention of ‘Faith in The City of London’ conjures up images of ceremonial events in St. Paul's Cathedral, but there are over 40 other Anglican churches, as well as Jewish, Dutch, Catholic and Welsh places of worship squeezed in between The Square
Mile's towers of commerce.

Intrigued by this incongruity, highly acclaimed London photographer Niki Gorick has gained unique access to capture the day-to-day workings of these ancient buildings and discovered a vibrant, diverse spiritual life stretching out into many faiths.

This is a book about London and Londoners from a completely new angle, revealing a rich mix of characters, traditions and human interest stories. From weddings, communions, evangelical bible studies and Livery company carol services, to Knights
Templar investitures, huge wet fish displays, Afghan music and vicars wielding knives, the photographs show an extraordinary range of spiritual goings-on and charismatic personalities.

For the first time, it's possible to get a real insight into a side of London's Square Mile not dominated by money-making, where City workers are trying to connect to life's deeper meanings and where religious traditions and questions of faith are still very
much alive.

About the Author
As a British fine art photographer specialising in images of London and Londoners for over 20 years, Niki Gorick has established a reputation for capturing the true character of the city. Niki’s enthusiasm for creating images led to a career spanning theatre photography, journalism, television camerawork and scriptwriting in Canada, Hong Kong and Scotland, as well as London, where she now lives and works.

Her photographs have been exhibited throughout London, including at the Barbican and the National Maritime Museum, and are in both private and corporate collections. 

Book details

Author: Niki Gorick       

Introduction: Edward Lucie-Smith
Publication date: April 2020
Product format: Hardback
Extent: 160 pp
Format: 260 x 222 mm                                                                                        Weigh: 1.2 kg